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Myrtle Beach DJ Bingo

DJ Bingo

Myrtle Beach DJ Bingo

DJ Bingo is the perfect Interactive entertainment solution for your next function, celebration, corporate event or venue. 

Music plus Bingo equals DJ Bingo!  In addition It’s easy to play as traditional numbers are replaced by a nonstop mix of music. Therefore listen to the songs, find the titles on your DJ Bingo card and mark them until you get a bingo.  In addition you get to compete with others to win prizes provided by the venue.  Furthermore, check out our services page to see everything we offer for your entertainment needs.

We have a variety of DJ Bingo themed games for instance check out the following below:


  • Hits From Elvis Presley
  • Songs From Margaritaville
  • Hairband Eighties
  • Nineties One Hit Wonders
  • Michael Jackson Hits
  • Summer of 2017 Hits
  • Most Requested Songs of 2016
  • Top Hits of the Year 2000
  • Strip Club Tracks
  • Spooky Halloween Tunes
  • Disco Disco Hits
  • Hits From Motown
DJ Bingo