Myrtle Beach VIP Karaoke Shows

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Karaoke Schedule

The VIP Karaoke Showdown!

VIP Karaoke Shows brought to you by KJ Chris James.  No Books…No Slips…Just VIP Treatment.  We have been doing Karaoke Shows since they first came out on laser discs.  Experience an interactive Karaoke Showdown like no other.  I Sing…You Sing…We Sing…

Our show has been in venues up and down the eastern seaboard from Maine to Florida.  Our Karaoke Service is a perfect fit for private parties, nightclubs, and resorts.  Portray your favorite celebrity on a state of the art sound system with all the effects.

Distinguished as a “DJ ALL STAR“,  DJ Chris James / AKA: Foam Masta G was featured in The Mobile Beat DJ Magazine.  From his upbeat radio personality to his master mixes, DJ Chris James AKA: Foam Masta G is the favored choice for energizing the dance floor and leaving you wanting more…


Don’t be shy and give it a try!  Not only do we sing with you…  We entertain you…

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VIP Karaoke with Chris James