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We love music at Chris james entertainment

Feel free to browse our online DJ music library below.  Click the “Popular List” button to view songs by genre and popularity.  Then click the song to listen and or watch the music video.  We subscribe to Promo-Only to keep up with the latest chartbusters.  Our policy is if we don’t have it we buy it.  Clients may bring some of their songs to the event as well and we will gladly play them.

Our DJ music library is built from over three decades of requests from clients around the world.  Our music stems from the 1920’s on up. When you become a client, not only can you search for songs, you can build a custom playlist for your DJ to play at your event.  Furthermore, you can even allow your guests to submit requests for your event via our Guest Request System.  All with the click of a mouse…

When building your playlist, you can designate the priority of the songs and even write in a note with instructions for your DJ.  Below are the four types of DJ music priorities within your playlist.

  1. “Priority Requested” This list of songs  will definitely get played at your event.
  2. “Additional Requested” This list of songs will get played if time permits.
  3. “Do Not Play” This is a list of songs that you do not want played at your party.
  4. “Special Requests” These are priority requested songs you manually entered in that you could not find within our DJ music database.

Check out our SERVICES page for a complete list of our services.